Foundations of Legal Research Certification

Understand the legal system and how to put a research plan into action.

  • An overview of the legal system, precedent and types of authority
  • Build effective research plans
  • Identify gaps in legal knowledge and overcome them
  • Construct legal arguments utilizing different types of legal authority

Available Courses:

  1. Origins of the Law - Understand the different types of Law and where they originate ⋅ Learn how laws work together
  2. Power of Precedent - Understand the concept of common law ⋅ Introduction to Stare Decisis ⋅ Learn how precedent affects legal research
  3. Types of Legal Authority - Difference between Primary and Secondary authority ⋅ Difference and use cases for Mandatory versus Persuasive authority
  4. Build your Plan - Introduction into a legal research plan ⋅ Example questions ⋅ Suggested format
  5. Example of Building Your Plan - A hypothetical to showcase how a plan is formed and modified